The many benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione, (aka. The The mother of antioxidants) is a multitasking wonder-antioxidant, beneficial in treating everything from chemotherapy side effects to signs of ageing.

Present in various bodily tissues where it acts to neutralise free radicals and promote tissue repair, glutathione is naturally produced by the liver, however, as we age, production decreases. The amino acids that form glutathione break down rapidly when ingested orally, making an IV a much more efficient delivery system since this bypasses the digestive system.

As a part of everyday life, there is exposure to free radicals, radiation, and oxidative stress, all of which can damage our cells. Glutathione helps to repair cells both by facilitating DNA repair and working to recycle vitamins C and E (thus boosting their antioxidant properties).

As a detoxification agent, glutathione supports the kidneys by preventing platinum build up and also helps rid the body of toxic metals, chemicals, metabolic wastes, and other carcinogens through a process called “conjugation”. This combination of repair and removal makes it a particularly powerful antioxidant supplement.

Lolita Walters Bali

Often, patients who receive glutathione in their IV treatments report brighter skin. This effect is due to the antioxidant’s act of inhibiting melanin production, although the detoxification of the liver and its antioxidant properties are undoubtedly other contributing factors to an enhanced complexion (and the other frequently reported side effect of increased energy).

Although the health benefits of glutathione on diseases such as autism, Parkinson’s and cancer have been widely studied, its longevity and anti-aging effects are still relatively new areas around which there is yet to be a scientific consensus, so more studies are needed in this area to investigate the anecdotal claims.


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