Our Anti-Aging Detox IV is perfect before a big event to create that “lit from within” glow, or as an ongoing part of an anti-aging/health regimen.

As we age, naturally occurring antioxidants and collagen begin to deplete in our bodies. This IV has ingredients to repair the skin structure and “the mother of all antioxidants” helps internal organ function along with a host of other benefits including a glowing complexion. It also supports detoxification and helps the body to neutralise free radical stress. Add these firming and brightening ingredients to some seriously skin-plumping hydration and you have a powerful anti-aging treatment delivered via IV straight to the cells that need it most.

Other key components in this IV infusion include the powerful B vitamins, essential vitamin C as well as the anti-aging ingredients mentioned above.



  • 500ml of Electrolyte IV Solution
  • Vitamin B Energy & Mood Booster
  • Vitamin C Mega Dose
  • Skin Firming Youth Booster
  • Detoxifying Antioxidant



  • The vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration create an all-round improvement in skin texture and tone, as well as brightening the whites of the eyes and creating more moisturized lips
  • The antioxidant fights oxidative stress that manifests in our skin as loss of tone and clarity
  • Skin firming protein give skin the ability to repair it’s cellular structure, creating an increased appearance of firmness
  • The IV fluid rehydrates skin, giving skin a plumper and moisturized
  • The IV ingredients provides liver support and detoxification and neutralizing free radical stress
  • B vitamins provide cellular support and help maintain energy levels
  • Vitamin C can boost the immune system and assists with the production of collagen and stimulates skin cell synthesis

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Our comprehensive intravenous vitamin IV therapy treatments have been created by a doctor for administration from a certified medical practitioner (doctors or nurses). Contact us for more information.