Adventurous Bali Spa Treatments

Bali is best know for their Balinese massages. And while those are amazing, there is a lot of other beauty and wellness terrain to explore, should you be so inclined. Below are some of the treatments available on the island of the gods which will give you some stories to tell back home.

Maria Curao Pererenan

Pedis and Tarot cards

This is one experience which has a particular venue: Maria Curau nails up in Pererenan. Within what is probably the prettiest nail salon you’ll ever see, takes place a once a week event (we recommend messaging/calling them to check) where you can get a pedicure and a tarot card reading.

We can already tell you the future looks well polished.

Ear candling

Unlike the classic holiday mani-pedi, ear candling is new territory for most. However, in the name of foreign beauty adventures, it can be interesting to try.

The idea is that through a candle “wicking” action, wax from your ears is pulled up into a waxed paper tube. This waxed paper tube is also the “candle”. Which means it’s on fire.

This is less alarming than it sounds, it feels like having a giant Q-tip in your ear with a fireplace crackling away very close to your head (alright… basically in your head). The aesthetician will also lay a towel laid around your ear, not for general comfort but rather to prevent any escaping embers from lighting your hair on fire.

Ear Candling bali

A stock photo of ear candling in action

They show you afterwards what was pulled out. Much like looking at a Biore pore strip after you pull it off, this is both disgusting and satisfying.

Most spas which offer massages will also also do ear candling.

Vagina steaming

Also knows as “ratus”, this treatment has been used by Indonesian women for…well, a long time. Many do it monthly.

The treatment recently gained more notoriety when Gwenyth Paltrow wrote about being a fan. We confess this is not something we’ve tried personally; however, we have friends who have and lived to tell the tale.

We’d recommend doing some Trip Advisor research on venues so you find a place with good health standards.

IV Therapy

You have probably read something about IV therapy in your home country, so why not give it a try when you’re on holiday?

We use international medical safety standards, and our English-speaking nurses will put you at ease and answer any questions you might have.

Let us hook you up with a vitamin drip so you can arrive home with everyone commenting on your post-holiday glow.