Getting Fit & Slim with Bali’s Motion Cafe

Motion Fitness (now Motion everything) is one of the leaders of the Bali health and wellness scene. Their cafe (Motion Cafe, previously Avocado Cafe) serves up fitness oriented food. Think sweet potato waffles, protein salads, etc. They also have meal plans, perfect for a DIY health retreat or for weeks when you know you’ll be too busy to think about food.

fit&slim motion fitness bali

With multiple juice cleanses and the odd elimination diet under my belt, I’m no stranger to cleanses and detoxes. I was excited rather than nervous to get this started, especially when I looked at the menu.

Before you begin, the Motion nutritionist sends through a questionnaire to check on general health and your goals. Using this, they will tailor the plans to exclude foods you don’t like and accommodate any intolerances.

I’m a reasonably healthy person, but I should probably exercise more and eat less sugar. My goal for this is to reset a healthy mindset, break craving cycles, and have my clothes fit a little looser.

It goes without saying that to do this you need a very clear schedule. So with an empty calendar, let’s begin!


I’m worried the heavy rain will keep my breakfast from me. It doesn’t. The lovely delivery boy shows up with my breakfast (black bean patty with sauteed mushrooms and spinach) and green juice.

It’s healthy, but a good sized portion so you don’t feel deprived. Same with lunch – a lasagne which I suspect was better for you than it tasted, and large green salad. Everything comes in Tupperware that is collected again, which makes this exercise virtually waste-free. This is a feature anyone who walks on Bali’s beaches can appreciate.

As usual with any cleanse/detox I do, by the end of the first day, I’m exhausted and have a bit of a headache. I now anticipate this, and always make sure I take it especially easy on myself for the first few days after any change in diet.

fit&slim motion fitness bali


More delicious food, I especially enjoyed the “smoothie bowl in a jar” type brekkie and green ball afternoon snack (I’ll take any sweetness I can at the moment).

Still a bit headach-y at the end of the day, but not so tired I’m unable to exercise.


Omigod what is this sweet potato skillet heaven that has been delivered for breakfast!? What a winner.

I exercise again today and feel back to being myself.

The fact that I’ve already dropped kilo is enough motivation to stick to the rules and not cheat (not that I even really want to, the meals and snacks fill you up).

fit&slim motion fitness bali

Thursday & Friday

I have to say by the end of the week the sugar and carb cravings are nagging a bit. I stick to my green ball snack and power through.

fit&slim motion fitness bali


The final day of meals! The chia pudding with papaya for breakfast tasted way too delicious to be healthy, but I trust the Motion Cafe gurus and their nutritional wisdom.

After my chia pudding, I had a breakfast meeting in a Canggu cafe well known for their baked goods. I wasn’t even a little bit tempted. Progress!

Being allowed coffee on this detox is a bit of a lifesaver. I usually like to work from cafes, so the coffee allows me not miss out on this aspect of my lifestyle (and also lets me feel vaguely social).

Sunday morning I wake feeling rested and a few kilos lighter. One of the advantages to a meal plan detox like this is you don’t come off it wanting to be naughty. I plan on keeping my healthy habits and portion sizes going for as long as I can to maintain the good results.

For more information on their meal plans, simply visit the Motion Cafe site.