Introducing The All Star IV

At The Dose, we are continually researching and improving our IV offerings so that we can meet the nutritional needs of our patients in these ever-changing times. We have devised an in-house algorithm, created by our medical team of doctors and nurses that assist us in recommending the best IV for each patients individuals needs. In theory, of course, we are meant to get all of these essential micronutrients and trace elements from our diet. However, with a reduction in food quality, an increase in processed food, and so many of us experiencing gut flora issues, even if we could navigate the abundance of contradictory nutritional fads, it can still end up feeling like you need a nutritionist degree to make your lunch.

The All Star IV

Recently we have noticed clients want and need it all, blame it on Mercury retrograde, processed food diets, environmental pollution, cortisol loaded lifestyles, whatever it is – we have noticed more and more requests for “a little bit more”. To meet this, we are launching The All Star IV package. This one really is cream of the crop; providing an A to Z combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and that will transform how you are feeling and get you back on track.

Vitamin A

The All Star is our only IV that contains Vitamin A, a vitamin that is known for being essential to healthy eyes and skin, but lesser known for its antioxidant properties. Deficiencies are on the increase due to poor food quality and combinations, our unique dosages and combination of ingredients avoid any issues with malabsorption1.

Vitamin B Complex

Next up is the B complex vitamins. Most people have heard of this, but what it is and how much of each different B vitamin is essential is quite literally hard to swallow. With many more people subscribing to vegan diets, getting enough of the B vitamins, and it the right combinations is almost impossible without supplementation. These B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being 2. They act as the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain and nerve function, and cell metabolism3. We are delighted to now be offering an IV containing all of these B vitamins including B7 (Biotin) for healthy hair and the essential B9 (Folic acid), critical for DNA formation.

The All Star IV

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant is getting a lot of publicity in recent years as an anti-cancer treatment4. Deficiency is less common in populations with access to fresh produce but what is interesting is the current Vitamin C research being done studying our tolerance to high doses and the disease-fighting, oxidative benefits.

Vitamin D

Holidaying or living in the tropics, it’s hard to fathom you could ever be in need of Vitamin D; surprisingly this is one of the most ignored vitamin deficiency epidemics globally. With a rise in awareness of the damaging and ageing effects of sun exposure on our skin people are either staying indoors or using full sunblock when they are outside. Lesser known Vitamin D benefits include its essential role in calcium absorption. For those who avoid the sun, this is a sure fire way to ensure you have enough of this important vitamin without risking skin cancer5.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is typically known as a topical treatment to treat scarring, administered using the IV route this is effective at reducing overall skin redness and inflammation post excess UV exposure and promotes wound healing6

Glutathione and Zinc

To top this all off we have added “the mother of antioxidants”, Glutathione (a liver detoxification agent which also boosts energy levels) and Zinc for an immune system boost, really giving this IV package the “All Star” status.