Ubud Guide: Activities

When you’re ready for a break from the surf, the inland area of Ubud has plenty of activities to keep you busy. From yoga to rafting, here are some of our go-to recommendations in our Ubud activities guide for the area.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

You’ve no doubt seen the drone shots of this impressive trail on Instagram. Be aware that it’s not well marked at the entrance, keep an eye out for Warwick Villas and Spa and go down that little road beside it. The scenic part of the trail is actually not that long – it tapers off into a less scenic normal trail after a point, so if you’re just coming for the snaps, you can turn around when you leave the ridge. Best to go early morning or sunset as it is busy and hot midday.

bali eco cycling tours

Bali Eco Cycling Tours

Eco Bali Cycling Tours

The original Bali bike touring company, Eco Bali has heaps of options available for everyone from the novice to serious mountain bikers. Their tours are an active way to see some of the “real” Bali, and they also have trekking and snorkelling trips if two wheels isn’t your thing.

tjampuhan cave

Tjampuhan Cave Ubud

Hotel Tjampuhan

Located nearby the Ridge walk is the Tjampuhan Hotel, which was originally a royal guesthouse in 1928. What the place is most known for now is the amazing cave grotto hot pool in their spa. The pools can be enjoyed for a half day on their own, or as part of a larger spa package (massages next to the river also come highly recommended).

The Yoga Barn Ubud

The Yoga Barn Ubud

Yoga at Yoga Barn

We may be biased (ok we definitely are), but The Yoga Barn is *the* place to do yoga in Ubud. Less of studio and more of a village, you could spend days on site and never have to leave. There is a hotel, cafe, healing centre full of alternative therapies, IVs, and a spa. Plus of course many airy yoga studios and a full class program.

Mt Batur Hike

Mt Batur Hike

Batur Volcano Hike

If you’re lucky to get a clear view at dawn from this hike it might just be one of the high points (hah!) of your trip. The view looking over the valley as the sun rises makes getting up in the middle of the night to drive to the mountain and then hike in the dark worth it. The hike is moderately difficult but should be doable for most mobile people. Bring warm clothing for the peak as it gets chilly once you’re up there. Best to keep the day after free since you’ll be needing a long nap.

Ubud Whitewater Rafting

The Dose team Whitewater Rafting in Ubud


On a hot Bali day, being by the water is ideal. There’s lots of splashes to be had on a white water rafting trip. Make sure the river is safe at the time of year you plan to go (in parts of the rainy season the water can rise significantly making the trip much dicier). Otherwise, you’ll get the pleasure of seeing Bali’s jungles from a new vantage point and will work off your banana pancakes with the stairs up and down to the river.