Diet Detox 101 with Avocado Cafe

We’re big fans of the occasional detox here at The Dose but didn’t know there were so many options available until we saw the Avocado Café detox options. In the face of so much choice, we asked their nutritionists how people can benefit from a detox and how they should be choosing a plan to maximise results.

Avocado Cafe Detox menu

How would you recommend someone choose which detox plan one is right for them? By results? By their physiology? Both?

The main target of a detox is to get rid of toxins that accumulate in your body, like for example from too much alcohol, cigarettes, fatty foods or certain medication.
To choose the right detox for our clients, we always ask to fill in a questionnaire in advance. Then working with their desired duration, daily business, physiology we plan their detox.

Which detox would you recommend for someone who’s never done one before?

Primarily all of the detox versions we offer, every healthy person can do, but if someone wants to have a gentle start, we would recommend beginning with our rice & fruit detox and then continue with the veggie & fruit detox and finally move on to the lightest version: our juice detox.

What if someone doesn’t want to lose weight? Just get healthier? Can they still detox?
Yes because a detox is not for a long-term weight loss, but more of a great way to transition from an unhealthy diet into a better diet.

The amount of weight loss depends on the body type, but from experience, we can say that you loose primarily excess body water and flush out the toxins.

Avocado Cafe Detox Juice Plan

A lot of people worry about a lack of protein on more extreme cleanses (eg. Juice fasts), should they?

We don’t recommend doing a detox for longer than six days and in that period you don’t have to worry about the lack of protein. One benefit of juicing is that it gives your digestion system a break from working so hard to process a large meal. Therefore your body can work rapidly on detoxification and work more efficient afterwards. This means that a detox could help you to cleanse your system, which leads to a better absorption of nutrients.

People also worry about being hungry during a detox, how would you address those concerns?

Due to the limited calorie intake and detoxification symptoms (like headache, dizziness or bad mood detox) detoxing can be hard at first,  but should get easier after the second day. We always recommend taking some time for yourself on these days and treat yourself to a massage, having a bath and also distract yourself with some light yoga or a good book.

However don’t be scared to try a detox because afterwards you will feel joyful, light, and radiant.

Are there detox options for people who don’t want to consume much sugar?

For these people we would recommend our soup detox, it is based only on vegetables, which are low in sugar.

Avocado Cafe Detox Bali Food

Is there anyone that shouldn’t do a detox?

For people who are suffering from diabetes or any other metabolic diseases, we don’t recommend to do a detox as well as people who suffer from eating disorders.

Finally, for those who want a more long term eating plan, can you walk us through what one of your nutrition consultations involves?

We know that each person is unique and therefore we offer customised meal planning in combination with a one-hour nutrition consultation.

At this consultation, we want to get to know the client so we can make the best choices for their health and goals. After getting to know their health and dietary requirements, we work out a personally tailored meal plan which will support every person to reach their target and to help them keep on track in a longer run.

We motivate and educate our clients to make better choices for their health without giving up all things that they love in life because we want to create long-term healthy habits, not restrictions.

Learn more about all the meal plan and detox options available from Avocado Cafe.