Bali rainy season activities to keep you cool

Rainy season can be the most challenging time of year in Bali, climate-wise. Even for those of us who live here, some days are almost unbearably hot and humid. Here’s a list of Bali rainy season activities to cool you down until “winter” rolls back around.

mrs sippy pool club Bali

Mrs Sippy Bali

Hit up a pool club

It used to be just Potato Head as an option here (and they are still a very worthy one), but now we are almost spoiled for choice. Nearby in Seminyak, you’ll find the new Mrs Sippy, and Ku De Ta also have a pool now. The W Hotel also allows outside guests to use the pool (but only seated at the bar area).

Further north there is Batu Belig’s new darling: Cabina, and Berawa’s Sun of Panama. Canggu’s La Brisa and The Lawn are beachy Canggu options.

Bechwalk movies in Bali

Go to the cinema

A perfect activity when it’s rainy, check out our list of cinema options. Some cinemas have the equivalent of Gold Class for a much better price, and the indoor ones are air-conditioned to a level winter-wear is almost a requirement.

Batu Bolong Beach Bali

Batu Bolong Beach (Image via

Spend the day at the beach

Catch the sea-breeze at the origin by finding a shady spot on the sand with a bean bag chair. There are many options all the way from Kuta up to Echo. Make sure to confirm the price before getting settled!

If you’re going for a swim, watch for rip currents since they can be dangerous along the coast.

Waterfall Bali

One of Bali’s amazing waterfalls (Image via

Take a road trip

Rent a driver and spend the day in air-conditioned comfort while you see some new parts of the island. Add a waterfall (or two) to the itinerary for a refreshing stop (for some ideas check out the list of Bali’s Best Waterfalls from our friends over at The Honeycombers).

Bali Batu Karu

Batu Karu (image via

Head for the hills

The higher elevation slopes of Batu Karu in Bali’s central east can often be much cooler than the coast. There are trails to walk, and the jungle views are not unlike Ubud’s. Pack some warmer clothes and make a weekend getaway out of the trip.