benefits of IV therapy Bali


We say, “Feel better. Fast.” and we mean it. Vitamins and electrolytes delivered via IV fluid go straight into the bloodstream and get to work immediately. The worst symptoms of a hangover, food poisoning or jetlag* are often relieved before the IV has even finished.

Patients simply using an IV as a health boost often report finishing the treatment with more energy and clarity. A strong coffee without the caffeine buzz.

*By jetlag symptoms we mean feeling spacey, dehydrated and bloated after a long flight. An IV drip can’t fix a 12 hour time difference. We wish.


Vitamins are crucial for your body function optimally. One of the great things about administering them by IV drip is they bypass the stomach and intestines. This method allows for a much higher absorption rate than from taking vitamin pills orally.


Most people are dehydrated and don’t even realise it, and this is even more prevalent in a hot climate like Bali’s. A dose of IV fluid can bring you back up to normal levels quickly (curing symptoms like headaches and fatigue when it does).

To maximise treatment results, the fluid combination administered in the top two packages (The Deluxe and The Ultimate) is tailored to your symptoms.


Vitamins, especially combined with glutathione, pack an anti-aging punch for the complexion (and this is on top of all the benefits going on internally). Plus, rehydrating the skin plumps it up, softening the appearance of wrinkles. On top of this, often the whites of patient’s eyes look brighter and their lips are not as dry after an IV drip.

The glow you leave with after an IV treatment makes it a great pre-event beauty treatment (for best results we recommend The Ultimate package here since it provides the most complexion boosting ingredients).


Vitamin B complex is an excellent stress reliever, but beyond the vitamin hit, getting an IV forces you to sit still for once. If our patients want to work on a laptop or read they can, however, many just sit back and relax (or even nap) during their treatment. Breath in, breath out. We’ll wake you up when it’s finished.


If you’re traveling, an IV can be an excellent pre-flight plan. The vitamin C will give your immunity a boost, and you’ll be well hydrated for the dry plane air.


To completely understate things, contracting Dengue Fever is extremely bad news. If you decide to recover from home rather than a hospital, along with bed rest, an IV drip (for fluid management) will be an important part of your recovery. View our Dengue Recovery Package to learn more about this topic.

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