IV Therapy and Travel and Wellness

With people travelling more and working longer hours than ever, there is an increasing demand for services to help in the management of stress and fatigue. Correspondingly, IV drip bars with vitamin shots and IVs are becoming more relied upon not only by individuals to maintain peak performance and stamina, but also at a company level to support their employee’s health.

B12 and travel

A common element of IVs: vitamin B12, is an excellent supplement for managing both stress1 and travel fatigue. The vitamin plays a part in nerve health and neurotransmitter signaling, meaning deficiencies can result in problems with memory and focus. Companies in the United States are even starting to offer shots of the vitamin as part of their corporate wellness packages.

B12 also plays a role in regulating the internal clock and circadian rhythm2, making it also helpful to treat jet-lag. Every morning the presence of light signals the brain to begin waking up. Vitamin B12 helps to boost the brain’s response to external light and turn off Melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone) signalling in the brain, helping make the transition from sleep to a more active awake state (read more about the benefits of B12 here).

Managing in-flight dehydration

Most people are somewhat dehydrated without even realising it, functioning in a sub-optimal state becomes routine. Combining dehydration (which is exacerbated by pressurised cabin environments during air travel), with the sleep loss from long flights results in fatigue upon arrival. Intravenous fluids are by far the most efficient way to rehydrate and replenish energy quickly, and when combined with immune system boosting vitamins, they represent a great option for post-travel recovery.

High altitude free radicals

Air travel also means exposure to thinner high-altitude atmosphere and greater free radical exposure3. A powerful antioxidant like glutathione before and/or after flying can help to neutralise this effect.

While most visitors to Bali are not here on business, we do still see a lot of business owners who live here and experience fatigue (it would seem it is not a problem exclusive to cities!). Many holidaymakers also travel long distances to get here and seek some revival once they’ve arrived.

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