IVs for fitness and athletes

From the 3x a week gym bunny to high-level athletes, IV therapy administered within the correct window of time and containing the appropriate combination of micronutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes is yielding promising results. Read on to find out why IVs for fitness are an up and coming treatment area.

Using IVs for fitness

The use of intravenous therapy pre or post-exercise is an exciting new treatment application that is rapidly growing in popularity. The rise has occurred in conjunction with the almost obsessive levels of interest and participation in high-intensity functional training (for example one of Bali’s favourite past times: Crossfit). While these exercise regimes create results, they also can cause a post-workout depletion of micronutrients, amino acids and electrolytes which often results in the participant feel exhausted and drained. What athletes have noticed is that by replenishing these elements intravenously, there is a remarkable difference to their recovery after a workout. This post-exercise nutrient intake has long been considered essential for promoting protein synthesis and glycogen synthesis1. What is relatively new is the bonus of IV delivery of micro-nutrients eliminating any absorption issues and ensuring quicker results and recovery.

Regular IV therapy can ensure we are absorbing the nutrients we need to obtain the energy necessary for not just the high-intensity training, but also to meet the demands of our busy daily lives. The ingredients in your IV, of course, dictate the possible benefits. At The Dose Bali we have carefully researched and selected combinations which are scientifically proven to assist your body to respond effectively and efficiently to exercise. Do you notice that others seem to achieve a better and quicker response to healthy diets and regular exercise regime? You might find that by adding our Slim Fitness Booster to an IV could be the support your body needs to reach your goals.


Rehydration is the most apparent acute benefit to post-exercise IVs. The base components of saline solution and Ringer’s lactate have been used since the 1880s to combat dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Maintain or improve nutritional status

You have probably noticed the macro-nutrients such protein get all the glory when it comes to pre and post-exercise nutrition. However, the depletion of micronutrients and the negative impact that can have on how your body responds to heavy exercise is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of exercise science. Research has shown that training stresses metabolic pathways thus increasing the need for micro-nutrients (for example, B vitamins) that support these pathways2.

It is also worth noting that a body of research exists regarding immunosuppression in those undergoing regular heavy training 3. Using IVs regularly to boost nutritional status is an excellent prophylactic measure to combat this.

Detoxification and Fat Burning

The benefits of IVs multiply when the right antioxidants and amino acids are added to promote regeneration of muscle tissue. These additional ingredients can assist in optimising the results and benefits of training sessions. Often due to insufficient dietary choices or malabsorption in the gut, our bodies lack the building blocks to respond efficiently to exercise. Intravenous L-carnitine and Glutathione steal the show here. Glutathione is an antioxidant that detoxifies and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation – just some of the reasons it is called “the mother of antioxidants”. It’s hard to overstate the importance of the correlation between Glutathione status, and good health; more and more research is surfacing that indicates the critical role adequate Glutathione plays when it comes to health4.

L-carnitine is an amino acid (meaning a building block for protein5). However, it is one to get excited about – research has shown that it increases cellular mitochondria’s potential to burn fat6. L-carnitine acts as a catalyst for the cells to break down fat and get energy from the stored fat reserves7. Win-win!

In summary IV vitamin therapy improves a host of biochemical processes by supporting the body’s detoxification pathways (glutathione), replenishing micro-nutrients (various vitamins and minerals), and enhancing energy stores (B-vitamins, amino acids, L-carnitine). These nutrients are essential to optimal recovery post-exercise.

For best results, we recommend having the IV within 24 hours of your workout and making them a regular part of your fitness regime.