Meet the Locals – Rick from F45 Bali

Rick Olarenshaw is one of the friendly faces behind one of the island’s newest gyms: F45 Bali, aka the hot new 45 minute fitness regime taking Australia (and the world) by storm. Rick and the other owners bring their wealth of fitness experience from abroad to Bali’s shores, much to our benefit. Originally from Victoria, Australia, we ask Rick for his Bali tips and how to stay on track with our New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Image via The Palms Agency Bali & F45

How did you end up as an owner of F45 gym Bali?

My brother opened an F45 studio on the Gold Coast 3 years ago, so I got to see firsthand how good the training program is. With around 1000 studios now globally, many of those members travel to Bali so the demand existed from current members to have a studio in Bali they could train in while on holiday here. I also believed the local and expat community would love the program, as has happened around the world.

You’re originally from Australia, do you notice a difference between the fitness scene here and there?

When I left Australia around five years ago, F45 hadn’t even been launched. Here in Bali, there is a huge variety of health and fitness options aside from the traditional gym. One obvious difference is people tend to train much earlier in Australia as they need to get to their place of work early, whereas here in Bali most people aren’t under that early morning time pressure and tend to train later in the morning.
One Perth studio has their first F45 class at 4.25am!

How is F45 different from other gym classes?

F45 is designed to be high intensity, functional and short duration. So it’s great for time-poor people but who are still looking for noticeable physical results. Our classes are time-focused stations and sets, so members can work within their limitations and not be intimidated by what’s happening around them. Hence why you’ll see a broad demographic of clientele in our classes.

Image via The Palms Agency Bali & F45

We are at the time of year when a lot of people have resolved to go to the gym more. How would you advise people stick to this?

I think most of us have made fitness and health-related resolutions in the past and failed. I advise shorter time-frames on the goals, rather than a whole year resolution. We start our F45 8-week challenge on Jan 29, and we find that’s a much more realistic resolution to maintain. Short time-frame, with objective measurements and goals and an app to monitor your daily performance.

Who would be your dream person to train with?

Mick Fanning

How would you spend your perfect “Bali day”?

No day can be perfect without a surf! Preferably in glassy 3-4 foot waves with no crowd!

Further afield, what is your go-to weekend getaway on (or around) the island?

I enjoy getting to Lombok or West Sumbawa for a surf, especially in the wet season. Balian/Medewi are also nice spots for a night away.

What do you always ask visitors from home (Australia) to bring?

I’m a tea addict, so Dilmah tea leaves, plus peanut butter, vegemite, and Caramelo Koalas for my kids.

Your five must follow Instagram accounts?

@kookslams, @swellspabali, @baligeckos, @rare_essendonfc_videos, @kook_of_the_day

Pison Coffee Seminyak

Local knowledge quick list:

Best coffee: Pison (milk ice cubes!)
Best brunch: my own home
Best sunset spot: Too many to choose from!
Best warung: Kultur