Suck it up! – The wonders of intravenous delivery

So you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about? Intravenous therapy seems to have been teetering on the edge of the mainstream for the past little while, but we predict 2018 is the year we’ll start hearing a lot more about this treatment method1,2. Although it may appear that suddenly IVs are the answer to everything, they’ve actually been a therapeutic solution for quite some time. As early as the 1830s intravenous delivery was used to rehydrate Cholera patients3, fast forward a couple of centuries and it’s an integral part of any first line response to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances caused by acute illness in any hospital or clinical setting. Ringer’s Lactate, the electrolyte fluid replacement solution we use at The Dose has been around since the 1880’s!

The main reason for the growing popularity of IVs is quite simple really: it is the most reliable and direct route of administration with most rapid absorption rates4. It’s reassuring to note that this surge in popularity is not just within the wellness industry, doctor’s practices are also realising that IV delivery of medications at home by qualified nurses is a way to keep people at home with a higher quality of life than within the clinical setting. The Royal College of Nursing in the UK recently hosted an “IV Therapy Summit” on the topic of IV therapy delivery in the home setting5. All this is making us feel ahead of the game at The Dose, where our unique approach means you can receive top quality wellness and healthcare within your villa in Bali.

IV therapy has advanced based on centuries of evidence-based medicine and recently become a very valuable asset to the wellness industry. These days intelligent medicine is prophylactic care, in other words, what can we do to prevent ourselves developing chronic illness rather than waiting for it to happen. This prophylaxis is the sweet spot of IV therapy, and we at The Dose are delighted to be part of that. Nutrients that we now know we need to prevent anything from chronic illness to anxiety can be delivered directly to the bloodstream thus bypassing the all too frequent mal-absorption issues of the gut.