Managing the business of IVs

If you are interested in the business of IV therapy as an add-on to an existing business or complete new venture we are delighted to share our expert knowledge. Allow us to totally eliminate the usual trial and error that happens when starting a new business. Since this is a medical procedure, we will help you understand the critical safety elements and best practices to make this endeavor a success.

Our consultation packages are customisable to meet your individual business needs. From a combination of one-on-one meetings, on-site training and comprehensive operational SOP templates we can help with everything from the point of conception to opening and ongoing.

We can assist with the following but not limited to:

Necessary Supplies & Staff
Product Sourcing
Product formulation & Inventory Tracking
Product Combinations, Dosing and benefits
Industry leading international Standards of Care & Emergency Protocols
Business & Operational Standards
Marketing & collateral
Legal Concerns

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