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Lolita Walter is something of a poster child for the healthy, digital nomadic life: she splits her time mostly between Bali and Sydney (and occasionally other hotspots such as Los Angeles). Being so well-travelled, she is wealth of knowledge for where to eat, lounge, and find the best yoga. She also happens to be a fan of vitamin IV infusions. We sat down with this lifestyle writer (check our her blog at Bali Starz/Instagram star to get her Bali tips.

Lolita Walters Bali

How have you managed to chase the sun and spend so much time in Bali?

I’m really fortunate that I have a job which I can do from just about anywhere in the world. I mostly work as a lifestyle writer, with some modelling on the side, so most of the time all I need is my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection.

I’m definitely a hot weather girl, so having the freedom to wander has led me to follow summer around the globe most of the year and Bali is one of my favourite places to jet off to when it starts getting cooler in Sydney, Australia.

Lolita Walters Bali

You mentioned you’ve been a fan of vitamin IV infusions for a while now. What is it you like about the treatments?

My philosophy is to practice a healthy lifestyle every day, which includes getting plenty of natural vitamins through eating a plant-rich, wholefood diet with all the rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

However, there are times when our bodies need an extra boost that is hard to get in one go through diet alone. This is why I love the IV vitamin infusions – it’s like a natural health quick fix. If you’ve been run down, are hung over, have recently come off a flight or are about to go on one, it’s an amazing therapy to bolster or recover your state of wellbeing. I always feel so hydrated and energised afterwards! Plus, it gives your skin a gorgeous glow… who could say no to that?

As a vegan, what are some of your favourite vegan cafes on the island?

Yes, I love following a plant-based diet, and this works well for me personally. Bali is basically vegan heaven! There are so many incredible cafes all over the island that cater to this lifestyle, so it’s hard to pick. To name a few, I love Alchemy in Ubud, Shakti Dining Room (located at Fivelements Health Retreat), The Shady Shack in Canggu, Café Organic in Seminyak and The Smoothie Shop in Balangan. I also can’t come to Bali without enjoying the delicious smoothie bowls from Nalu Bowls (and the Uluwatu location has the best breakfast with a view in Bali!).

Lolita Walters Bali

Being a health & lifestyle writer, you would have seen some amazing practices in Bali, what has really blown you away?

On my last trip to Bali, I stayed at Fivelements, which is a world-class eco-health retreat nestled in the jungle near Ubud. I had an intuitive healing session and massage with a traditional Balinese healer, which was really mind-blowing.

I really love the whole wellness scene in Bali. It’s definitely a place with a very spiritual and healing energy.

How would you spend your perfect “Bali day”?

Wake up and do a power yoga class, followed by a Pitaya smoothie bowl for breakfast. Do some writing from a café or poolside at my villa, meet some of my expat friends for lunch at one of the healthy hotspots, then spend the afternoon doing more work, getting a massage, relaxing at the beach or pool. In the evening I like to watch the beautiful Balinese sunset from somewhere with a fresh coconut or cocktail, then enjoy a balmy dinner, followed by going out dancing with friends.

What are the best souvenirs to bring back to Sydney?

To be honest, I’m a bit of a minimalist and don’t collect too many items on my travels. I’ll usually just come back from Bali with some incense, sarongs and maybe some pretty lingerie or swimwear from Gooseberry Intimates, which have their flagship store in Seminyak and I am obsessed with!

Your five must-follow Instagram accounts?

Such a hard question! Okay:

– @tuulavintage – always inspires me with her travel adventures and chic holiday style
– @lonijane – beautiful journal of her plant-based family life with delicious food inspo
– @eloisejenkinsx – absolutely adore this graphic designer’s work. Her collages are beautiful and I love looking at them!
@gooseberryintimates – babes and lace, enough said.
– @doyoutravel – perfect for inspiring wanderlust with stunning photos

Local knowledge quick list:

Best coffee: I don’t drink coffee actually, but I can’t go past the matcha (green tea) latte from The Shady Shack

Best brunch: Peloton Supershop in Canggu is everything when it comes to Bali brunching!

Best sunset spot: The Lawn Canggu… sit on a cute rug under traditional Balinese umbrellas, while sipping on a Frozé made with fresh watermelon and strawberries, listening to chilled music while you watch the pastel skies. Perfection.

Best massage: I love Therapy down on Echo Beach in Canggu or Bodyworks in Seminyak.

Best manicure: Lemon Nails is a really cute nail salon that serves organic juices to enjoy while you’re getting pampered. Their hand and feet treatments are also organic, and they use non-toxic nail polish… Love!