Meet the Locals – Beau Whittington from Finns

Beau Whittington’s life took a 180 two years ago when an offhand remark to a friend snowballed into the Bali Dream. Being the General Manager of Finns Recreation Club keeps him on his toes, and he enjoys the new challenge after working in logistics in Brisbane. Read on for Beau’s Bali tips.

Finns Recreation Club Bali

How did you end up working and living in Bali?

A friend of mine was given an opportunity over here and called me for our occasional “afternoon drive home chat” to tell me. I asked him if any other jobs were going, and one week later I was meeting the owner of Finns on the Gold Coast. Five weeks after that I was in Bali (for the first time of my life).

Can you describe your perfect “Bali Day”?

I can’t answer this question with one perfect day because there are so many – beach days, travel days, waterfall days, chilled villa days, action-packed days and the list goes on. Ending it with a sunset beer is always a must…

Finns Recreation Club in Canggu, Bali

Do you have any advice for Bali newcomers?

Slow down on that scooter.

Beau Whittington in Uluwatu

Can you speak Bahasa Indonesian? How did you learn it?

Sedikit. I can get by, but I only know about 200 words. I learned from a teacher for a couple of months after moving here and otherwise have picked up words along the way. I definitely plan to get the teacher back and get some more focus on the language.

What is the best thing about living in Bali?

There is always something to do here! I am very rarely bored and can be in absolutely amazing destinations that are so easy to get to at any time. The social life is also great.

What is the worst thing about living in Bali?

It goes hand in hand with the best thing about living here. There is always someone doing something, and it’s easy to get dragged in. It can be exhausting.

What is your favourite weekend getaway destination in Bali?

I could name 20, but I think the best for me is still Uluwatu.

Thomas Beach, Uluwatu

What are the significant differences between working/doing business in Indonesia versus your home country?

I actually enjoy it here.

Do you think its easier or harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Bali versus your home country and why?

Apart from the constant party, I think it is MUCH easier to be healthy in Bali. I eat a plant-based diet here. There is a culture of amazing vegan food in Bali which is readily available at a fraction of the price of the food back home. Combining this with a great fitness centre and continuously doing active things while spending time in the sun and ocean helps lead a much healthier lifestyle (mentally and physically).

Local Knowledge hit list:
Best coffee – Toosi
Best gym – Finns Recreation Club
Best massage – For me – a dodgy “beach local” shoulder massage for 50k is just fine
Best brunch – I don’t do brunch (sorry)
Best sunset spot – Berawa Beach, and I get to see it every day!
Best warung – Vinny’s
Best romantic dinner venue – Sarong