Meet the Locals – Tash Heyder from Plan A Events

Tash Heyder is the founder of Plan A Events,  a Bali wedding and party planning service whose work we are totally inspired by. Tash was born in Perth to an Aussie mum and Indonesian father, and spent from 4-12 years old between Bali and Jakarta, followed by high school in Australia and then a move to Spain. Lucky for all the Bali brides, she eventually returned to Bali to start Plan A.

Plan A Events Bali

How did you end up with an event planning business in Bali?

Well, I grew up here since I was very young so I suppose I always knew I’d end up working here in some capacity. The actual wedding side of things came about seven years ago when I had a lot of friends coming up to Bali and wanting to have parties. Most of them consider Bali a second home, but when it came to throwing parties, they didn’t really know how to do it. They’d have the alcohol but no one to serve it. They’d have a friend who was a DJ, but no idea where to get equipment. And a lot of these friends had these parties as part of bucks and hens nights. I’d help them out, but it occurred to me that there was a niche to be filled. I personally felt the wedding industry was saturated, but there seemed to be a real market for the pre-wedding festivities. So I started Plan A as purely a bucks and hens event service. I’d get wedding requests but always passed them onto other planners.

One day I had a couple who had read about me and wanted me to do their wedding. I said no, and they kept coming back eventually saying they’d put their wedding on hold until I said yes. Talk about pressure! So I said yes, and the rest is history. We were packed with weddings ever since.

What would surprise people about life here?

It’s not all sunshine and coconuts, despite what Instagram tells you.

Nothing runs on time, meetings are always delayed, traffic is insane, and you see all those beautiful tanned people? They don’t live here, they’re here on holiday. Those of us who live here still work in offices and don’t spend every day on the beach as much as we’d like to.
Oh, and it rains…randomly, out of the blue, for no reason at all and the whole island stops. But it’s those very things that make the island what it is – beautiful chaos that surprisingly still flows in spite of it all.

You’d be a bit of a wedding expert by now – what tunes can couples rely on to get people dancing?

People love current songs, but once they’re a few drinks in, they seem to go for whatever songs were hot during their late teen years – ones that everyone knows the words to and associate with great memories. So those songs change depending on the ages of the clients, but I find it’s always the songs they listened to in their late teens and early 20s when they first started clubbing.

Plan A Events Bali

How do you recommend your clients help guests manage the heat since most weddings are outdoors here?

Oh, I never let them out of the rooms they’re getting ready in until its literally time to walk down the aisle haha. After hours of hair and makeup for the girls, and steaming and pressing the suits for the boys, the last thing I’d want is for the humidity to ruin it all!

But the clients know the climate of Bali, so they usually have us organise fans and cold drinks for the guests on arrival which helps them with the heat. As night falls, it does get cooler. The boys tend to wear linen and no jackets – more breathable, and the girls tend to have a second outfit for the reception, something cooler and more comfortable to dance in!

Top three wedding venues?

Pandawa Cliff Estate – insane views
Seseh Beach Villas – that place is so well designed for a wedding or any event, its very fluid.
The Beach House Cemagi – great layout and a total blank canvas to make it into something different every time
Can I have 2 more faves?

Yes, you may

Villa Vedas – simply stunning architecture and makes for some beautiful photography both in the villa and its surrounding
Bloomfields – beautiful for smaller weddings and close to everything…really well set up.
The new Semara Villa at Finns has just opening…super stunning for the couples that don’t crave intimacy as much as they crave a party

Villa Noku is opening soon and I’m super excited to try some weddings there!

How do you get any work done living in paradise?

I’m a total workaholic. You could plant me in the middle of Coachella or Burning man with a laptop and I’d be working instead of partying. My job is my absolute passion in life. I don’t think anything makes me happier than what I do and I feel so lucky to have found a career that makes me smile every day. So living in paradise while I get to do what I love is just a bonus!

What is your go-to weekend getaway on (or around) the island?

I love Bingin. Whenever I feel like I need to get away I jump on Traveloka or Airbnb and book a night or two there.

Or Lembongan…I like to be by the sea.

When traveling abroad, what are your go-to souvenirs to bring friends?

I’m terrible like that. I don’t really buy people souvenirs unless they ask me to bring something. If I see something very unique to a place such as handmade and painted ceramics in Lisbon or custom made fragrances from Grasse, then yes I’ll purchase some for my family or close friends. But I’m not a hat/magnets/keyring type of girl.\

Plan A Events Bali

What do you always ask friends visiting Bali to bring?

Three things:
Toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush haha I cant find them anywhere here.
Vitamins…you can’t get the good brands in Bali. My sister is a nutritionist and has access to some great quality ones so I often get people to bring them up for me.
Online shopping. I never trust that if I put my address in Bali that the package will actually get to me so I put in friends addresses overseas who I know are coming to Bali soon.

Your five must follow Instagram accounts?

Sticks and Stones Agency
The Bali Bride
Another Filthy Magazine
Kirsty Godso
The Unit London

I have heaps more but they’d be a good representation of the variety I follow in my feed.

Local knowledge quick list:

Best coffee:
Love Bumbak Coffee…It’s my treat coffee I get on weekends as they don’t open early enough for me during the weekdays.
Weekdays though I never go without my coffee from Kynd.

Best brunch:
I love Kembali Bumbak, Ku De Ta (oldie but a goody), and Habitual Quench and Feed. So many naughty goodies on there…

St Regis for Sundays.

Best sunset spot:
Finns Beachclub or Naked Coconut. Two different vibes of the same view.

Best warung:
I like Warung Dua…but to be honest I don’t really eat at warungs often. My dad is Indonesian and a fantastic cook, so when I need my Indo food fix I just go to him.

Best massage:
I love the Cozy Body Reflexology…its oil free – I don’t like the oily feel haha.

Best mani/pedi:
Glo Day Spa for sure.