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Feedback from our patients
  • Thank you to The Dose for helping me, you were so kind and came out to me so quickly. I highly recommend IV treatments to anyone traveling in Bali that isn’t feeling well. It will save your vacation.
    SamanthaSamanthaJanuary 2016
  • The Dose girls are good friends to have around in Bali. Jack and I got fixed up with The Dose Ultimate: hydration mix, C, B, Glutathione and Collagen just before flying. I always struggle with dehydration when I fly, and I have to say this Dose made my post holiday glow much brighter! My skin is looking fresh and I have never bounced back from an international flight more easily! I’ll definitely jump on the 3 pack next time I’m in Bali! Thanks.
    MonicaMonicaJanuary 2016
  • I opted for The Ultimate treatment from The Dose. While doing a cleanse I wanted to support my body physically through the process. I felt the IV was a wonderful way to ensure maximum nutrient absorption while avoiding the not so great fillers you sometimes find in multivitamins etc. I was super impressed! I experienced a slight increase in energy, and the whites of my eyes became even whiter. Their nurse was also absolutely lovely. The Dose is such a good idea. I love it!
    KirstenKirstenMarch 2016
  • Thank you SO MUCH for helping me! I honestly feel like I could have died in that room without your fluids! Your nurse is incredible, a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, you are so appreciated for the work that you do! I’m so impressed and grateful thank you!
    TalishaTalishaApril 2016
  • After 3 days of suffering with the dreaded stomach flu I was struggling with nausea, feeling incredibly ill and becoming severely dehydrated. I knew I needed help and discovered The Dose IV Therapy treatments. I can honestly say this service was a godsend. I immediately felt better and the next day 100% improved, colour returning to my face and able to get up and function. Thanks very much to The Dose team for getting me back on my feet.
    AllisonAllisonMay 2016
  • The Dose Bali have saved me! After being bedridden for four days with the flu, filled with crazy temperatures, massive head aches and a body that was aching from head to toe I’m feeling human again! My body soaked up that Iv so quick and my skin is still glowing and my body is full of so much energy! I can’t wait for my next one.
    MelMelAugust 2016
  • Bali Belly was inevitable at some point! Thanks to the lovely nurses from The Dose Bali for coming to my Canggu home and rescuing me by giving me an electrolyte/anti-nausea charged IV for speedy resolution of an upset tummy and slight fever. The Dose are the BUSINESS! Just Whatsapp and you’ll be on the mend in no time.
    AngeAngeJanuary 2017
  • Thank you so much! We will definitely see you again and will be recommending to our friends. How I felt from minimal sleep and a flight after having an IV was amazing. I wish you were in Perth!! Thank you!
    KellyKellyJanuary 2017
  • Thanks to The Dose Bali. If it wasn’t for you I probably would have missed my flight home on Sunday after coming down with Bali Belly on Saturday. Your nurse was great and I am now home in Australia feeling great. Highly recommended this for anyone sick or simply for a pick me up. I’ll never forget your great service.
    JoshJoshJanuary 2017
  • I just wanted to say thank you and that your nurse was extremely professional. It was a 5 star experience.
    MichaelMichaelFebruary 2017
  • I just wanted to touch base since I had my dose while in Bali. I’ve had some many comments on the look of my skin of late and I have to put it down to the placenta shot and the vitamin C. My skin has been incredible. I also get filler in my lips and they were ready to be done again. However, since having my shots they have plumped back up and look incredible.
    JacquiJacquiApril 2017
  • We cannot thank The Dose Bali enough for their service! My family and I came over for a holiday, and 4 days into our 10 day holiday, my partner was struck down with a nasty case of Bali belly. I had never seen him so sick, but I remembered hearing about this service, and got straight onto organising it. As I didn’t have access to a phone, I had to rely on email. I didn’t expect to receive a reply so quickly! Within 2 hours of sending the email, the nurse was at our villa, and she couldn’t have been more helpful! She was professional, spoke excellent English, and was very comforting to my partner and myself as well. Within 24 hours, he was basically 100%! I know for sure that he would’ve been bedridden for at least 3 or 4 more days had it not been for The Dose. My partner and I can’t thank you guys enough! Highly recommend to anyone that’s feeling under the weather in Bali!
    CaitlynJune 2017
  • I cannot thank you enough. You have come to the rescue on two occasions now and your service is incredible. Nurses are so professional and caring. You have fitted us in straight away and have known exactly what was needed. Even down to looking after my daughter whilst I was unable to. Cannot recommend this company enough! What a great medical team!
    RoxyRoxyJuly 2017
  • We wanted to get in touch with you to tell you how happy we were with the treatment we received. The nurse that treated us was so professional, so gentle & kind. It was a very lovely experience that we were in dire need of. We will be using your services again next time we are here. Thank you so much.
    SamaraSamaraAugust 2017
  • Fantastic service! I’m a nurse in Australia myself and I highly recommend this service to anyone suffering bali belly/ hangovers or just wanting a hydrating boost. The nurses were very efficient and caring, and all procedures and advice was what you would expect in Australia. They came straight to our room, and even made my needlephobic big tough guy feel at ease. Thanks very much!
    MelMelOctober 2017
  • You can’t go past this service, I was struggling with the worst hangover ever and I started to feel better within 10 minutes if the process starting. By the end of it I was right to go and have a beer and burger 30 minutes later. I am sure I will be using The Dose Bali again.
    MattMattDecember 2017
  • The Dose was great. I emailed and they were at my villa within the hour! Super efficient, professional, warm and friendly. Naomi was great, made me feel comfortable as she knew I was a bit nervous and my lovely nurse was very comforting and made me feel well looked after. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I would have went for round 2 if I had more time up my sleeve!
    KellyKellyFebruary 2018
  • Love The Dose!! Just had my second treatment a few weeks ago as was feeling a bit flat (and probably a bit dehydrated). Easy to get in touch with and very responsive. I hate needles, but my lovely nurse was so gentle and soothing that i didn't even notice the injection. The treatment is very relaxing and then about an hour or so later you feel amazing. Already looking forward to my next treatment already :)
    JuliaJuliaFebruary 2018

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