The Bali Foodie Bucket List

There is an almost overwhelming selection of outstanding restaurants and cafes around Bali’s south. To narrow down the options, here are some dishes/drinks to try while you’re on the island, a Bali Food Bucket List…

Coconut Latte


Sea Circus Coconut Latte

Add a vegan tropical twist to your latte with the substitution of cow’s milk for the coconut variety.

Sea Circus – A coconut latte in a coco shell. What’s not to love?
Hungry Bird – This unassuming Canggu cafe nails it with coffees. Coconut milk is one of the options to have with their in-house roasted coffee beans. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some special latte art as well.

Babi Guling

For the pork lovers out there, this traditional Balinese dish is a must-try on the island. Many local warungs will have it, or you can stop by one of these two restaurants which are known for their ribs:

Hog Wild – On Batu Belig, this place is always packed, so book ahead or expect to wait a little while for a table.
Naughty Nuri’s – One of the Babi Guling originals, this institution is now located on Kerobokan’s Jalan Mertanadi. Thankfully the move hasn’t messed with the taste.

Smoothie Bowl

Nalu Smoothie Bowls

Nalu Smoothie Bowls

There is nothing quite like an icy smoothie bowl to start the day off in the tropics. However not all smoothie bowls are created equal, so try one of these venues for the tastiest and most instagrammable options.

Nalu Bowls – The original smoothie bowls in these parts, they make one of the best Acais around.
The Spicy Coconut – Generous portions and made with love, the berry bowl here is one of our favourites.

Nasi Campur

Warung Heboh Canggu

Warung Heboh nasi campur cabinet (image via

Translated to “mixed rice”, when you find a local with a well-stocked Campur cabinet you hold it close. From local eateries, it’s a pay for what you order deal, expect to pay about $1-3 for a huge plate of food.

Warung Dua – Nasi Campur with some other options thrown in (salmon rolls, eggplant parmigiana, baked potatoes…), great selection but more expensive than local spots. Located on Umalas Dua.
Warung Heboh – Right by the Canggu shortcut on Jalan Raya Semat, this spot has been a Canggu lunch destination for years.
Warung Murah – Located close to Lio Square on Petitenget, this is another good option for a tasty lunch spread that, as the name says, is very “murah” (cheap).


Bali’s beer of choice. Enjoy an icy bottle on the beach for sunset as a break from all the sweet cocktails.

Jamu Juice

This drink is a traditional Balinese concoction consisting of fresh turmeric root along with some variation of honey, lemons, and tamarind. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so have a few glasses of this when you need a detox (mix with coconut water if you find it too overpowering on its own).

Sold at Avocado Cafe, Canggu Shop, Bali Buda among other places.

Beach corn

Bali beach corn

Bali beach corn

Grab corn on the cob from one of the local carts (with optional sweet and/or spicy butter) and watch the sun set while you enjoy your appetiser. There is a cart near 707 Beach Bar (the end of Batu Belig), but find them near any popular beach parking area.